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No. 1421 [Reply]
40 kB, 800 × 700
is there a detailed installation on how to install phutaba? im too dumb to figure it out, i have ubuntu 18.04 running i did 1-3 from gitlab but dont know how to add database and what to do after all thats done, is there index.html file or what?
No. 1422
No, there is /wakaba.pl?board=name
If you want to have custom URLs, you should mess with .htaccess file.
No. 1443
so is nginx totally unsupported? or just untested?
i'm thinking about installing this software, after patching oekaki support from wakaba back in. it seems very good, the best out of all wakaba-based engines even

No. 1438 [Reply]
69 kB, 637 × 504
Do we need to beef up the möd staff to combat the possible influx of new people from kohl?
No. 1439
The new guys seem to be very nice, so I don't think we really "need" it. But more mods are never a bad thing I suppose.
No. 1440 Kontra
What's the best way to become one? Messaging on Ernst discord?
No. 1441
Try the mail on the FAQ page. At least that's what the man himself suggested: >>1420
No. 1442
We have not a lot of people though and the only two I deeply trust to do it properly are Australua and Kazakhstan, also the one Ukrainian probably. Maybe Hungary, Portugal, I'm not sure. I trust zero Americans.

No. 1435 [Reply]
73 kB, 950 × 800
would i t be possible for the catalog function which i use to browse threads to have the possiblity to make new threads too on the up part.

now i have to go basic viewing to make a new thread

danke schon

No. 1245 Systemkontra [Reply]
173 kB, 554 × 453
Let's denunciate the dissidents here, comerades!


This fella does not seem to get that is lousy thesis is soemthing for the today threda but does not deserve it's own thread I guess. The discussion seems not so stuoid at least. You can count on Ernst but not OP when it comes to quality :DDD
No. 1426
No. 1428
Possible CP on the /int/ frontpage again.

How long will it take to get it deleted? Place your bets here.
No. 1429
9 kB, 318 × 159
Already gone, impressive!
No. 1430
The front page will probably need to be sanitized soon

No. 1108 [Reply]
89 kB, 1127 × 685
I made a embarrasing typo but can't delete my post right away.

Why are you doing this to me?
No. 1109
28 kB, 240 × 193
No. 1370

No. 1273 [Reply]
1,2 MB, 3481 × 3481
Should we enforce image-spoilers on NSFW content?
No. 1365
Ernst OP is a sissy and don't want nsfw :( pls remove
No. 1367
I would prefer yes because I consider /int/ a 'blue board' to use the old terminology, but I'm not overly worried about it neither.
No. 1376 Kontra
The whole concept of "blue boards" is retarded anyways.

>Hey Ernst, what is that website you are on?
>Oh, it's just Ernstchan, but don't worry, it's "safe for work"
>You are visiting weird websites during your worktime? Aren't those the ones where nazis and pedos always meet? And don't even manage to hide them from me? You're fired, you absolute fucking retard
No. 1405 Kontra
It's neither of those and I want the filth that ruined KC to stay on their cancerous terrorist pedo shithole and not think for even a second they are welcome here

No. 774 [Reply]
2 kB, 95 × 20
Captcha really isn't solvable.
At least could you add possibility to generate another image?
No. 775
It is as that most of the time. Tired trying 10 times to decrypt captcha before I can send a post again, taking into account that I need time to add pictures back.
No. 819 Kontra
That's not a problem. Those of us who post here probably habitually save our posts anyway. The kind of person who would thoughtlessly shitpost and open up 5 garbage threads in a row is also exactly the kind of person to get too frustrated and lazy to even bother trying to solve multiple captchas. Any layer that prevents them from thoughtlessly making a stream of shitposts is good. Then they can fuck off to some other place as they get lazy and distracted to impulsively refresh the page over and over.
No. 1307
1 kB, 101 × 39
Seconded. This is unsolvable. There are 2-3 completely ambiguous letters here, along with 1-2 that should be fine, but which I have seen parsed as completely different letters in other captchas (that I actually managed to brute force after much frustration).

I can't post because of this. It has damaged my experience more than any autistic kakasex spammer.
No. 1314
469 kB, 1489 × 1469
yeah it's very sad

I want to post here I like it

I have my Quality Militia control badge from 2011 and I don't like to have to post captchas, it's sad

No. 791 Systemkontra [Reply]
65 kB, 450 × 600
Calling of Duty, MODern Warfare. Old one is saged.

Einmal bitte mit Mähdrescher über /b/ und /int/, die Spreu vom Weizen trennen und den Kohlschiss aussondern und in den Biomüll mit dem Bastardkraut.
No. 1235
what he says

that guy has no life, concluding he comes back every week or so do make some shitposts

Cinema TV thread and today thread this time
No. 1240

Visitor from Kohlchan, having problems to adapt. Or isn't willing to.
No. 1241 Kontra
You ban me but not that retard aggressing me?
No. 1391

No. 843 [Reply]
208 kB, 750 × 1334
Wie blendet man auf /b/ Fäden aus?
No. 845
Wirklich? Eh, dann bleib ich auf /int/.
No. 846
Nun es ist möglich gleich auf /int/.
No. 853
184 kB, 1084 × 1181
Stark, das nenn ich Service!
Jetzt noch ein [Bottom]-Knopf am Beginn einer Seite wie es einen [Top]-Knopf am Ende gibt und ich hätte nichts mehr zu meckern.
No. 930
Die Knöpfe hast Du auf der Tastatur. Pos1 und Ende.

Schlaufonlauerei ist VERBOTEN

No. 820 [Reply]
17 kB, 200 × 200
Reden wir über Löschwartezeiten.
No. 830 Kontra
Weil alles eine angemessene Wartezeit braucht, schließlich ist Deutschland hier.