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No. 102 Systemkontra
75 kB, 1342 × 221
This guy here
He crossposts from old KC, all of these thread were also created there too (though not necessarily by him, pic related was created by a texan). I think he's the guy whom the other united stadians used to call the "motivational schizo". I remember he was banned from old KC, and he was also banned from new KC for making that nebraska picture dump thread (you can still see it in the /m/ board there), but I don't know why exactly, I know that he used to trigger other murkanballs and that he creates these weird threads. He seems to be a legit schizo.

Just warning.
No. 105
I was going to say can mods please deal with this idiot
Why is that retard from Nebraska here? Did he finally get permabanned from somewhere else?
No. 106
Yeah, he got banned on Kohlchan.
No. 107
Who is him after all? He seems to trigger other murkan balls, but I don't know his history.
No. 109
And why then are mods not banning him for spamming us? Do we even still have mods here?
No. 110

This american nazi spammed a lot in pictures thread with same his picture pack. Permban him, please, he is only spams
No. 118
Just outright ban him. Threads like this kill slow imageboards, because there is no content to bury them with.
No. 154
No. 173

He again. Maybe permban all ip from nebraska?
No. 179
Please give him a long ban
No. 180

he continue to spam tbh, or it is another kohl spammer
No. 181
Another shitposter
Please don't just ban these iq89 posters for a few days, give them a month long ban
No. 183
No. 185
Mods please bring the banhammer down. /int/ is getting flooded with shit threads.
No. 186
No. 187
No. 188
And another one. Honestely it be not surprise if it same guy with proxy
Or someone spamming EC link in kohl
No. 191
No. 192
No. 193
No. 195
Lol nebraska nazi spammer again. Interesting, what he need to find there?
No. 196
Why the fuck have you guys not just banned this guy yet? He is such a shitposter he even got someone else rangebanned and is only shitting up our board because he got banned from cabbagechan.
No. 197
Agreed. Kohl crying about being banned doesn't mean that mods should have no teeth when it comes to this kind of shit. It's why we have mods in the first place. They've been given ample warnings in locked threads, systemkontras and mod replies. Time to just take out the trash before it gets out of control.
No. 198
>Go play your Sims cuckold mods you fucking muppet.
>t. retard

same shitposter again i guess
No. 199
The way he posts is noticeably similar to the way that Nebraska cancer did, splitting posts in two so he can self-bump himself. If he was banned already, then there's a good chance that he's now ban evading and shitting the place up as some kind of 'revenge'. If he wasn't banned, the obvious question is why not.
No. 200
It's not Nebraska.
No. 201
Maybe I'm just overthinking things. It's just a pattern I've noticed in a couple of threads but could just be coincidence.
No. 202

Nebraska strikes again.
No. 203
Hey guys - this is real nebraska
Permban whole nebaska state lol
No. 204

>all this threads should be consolidated
>it's exactly the same when someone talks about pewdiepies newest exploits and some other guy talks about his PCB-Layout, SAME TOPIC SAME THREAD!!!
Are mods slightly bonkers? Consolidating this in an old thread, as to not unnecessarily increase the number of threads?
No. 205
Wut. That post is pretty obviously against merging it into the video games thread.
No. 206
>all the threads should be consolidated
It's pretty obviously in favour of merging the threads about hardware and gaming.
No. 207
Do not quote out of the context, you missed two words:
>As if
The thread is fine and there is no intention to merge them.
No. 211

We have friend from kohl
No. 212 Kontra
No. 213
Looks like same polan start shitposting in threads
No. 218 Kontra
Looks like a YouTube channel ad
No. 226

This is some sort of video low efrfort spammer, maximum 4cancer tier. In my opinion, better ban him before he spammed all board with this cancer.
No. 227
Agreed. He really shits up the board.
No. 228 Kontra
24 kB, 319 × 303
>got banned

Ah thank dog, government is regulating the shit poppin' up here.
No. 232
No. 233 Kontra
A pointless, low-quality thread
No. 234
The ambassador from Kohl has arrived
No. 235
18 kB, 476 × 376
No. 236
Yeah, another kohl visitor looks like
No. 237
Nebraska, again
Worst shitposter
No. 238
No. 239
Why do you not just ban this guy?
Dumbfucks like that are exactly what killed both KC and EC. He is already trying to drag down overall board quality. Ban him so he goes to some other board to shitpost on.
No. 240
Retarded canadian spammer at it again
No. 241
nuke it. same style as the japanese from yesterday. proxy spammer, prolly even via script.
No. 249 Kontra
The american is bumping empty threads with random answers
No. 250 Kontra
The Korean shitposter is back
No. 251
Same shit, different poster
No. 252
It is possible to remove him like forever? Thank you.
No. 254
38 kB, 300 × 250
Ernstmods, please be vigilant. Kohl going down will permanently kill the EC. It would be better to shut down the site for 24h if Kohl is kaput.
No. 255
No. 256
No. 257
I really hope you will ban them. They already started with pol shitposting
No. 258
Also this. All ban them all or turn off EC for a day or so.
I may sound ridiculous and too angry, but I really don't want lost EC. They already shitpost and making dumb posts with pol-tier shit.
No. 259
No. 260 Kontra
No. 261
Reminder that these are the exact same people who deliberately destroyed EC which is why we're now hosted on .xyz and now it seems they killed a third chan in a row this year.

Mods should ban every last one of them with extreme prejudice. Or are you guys going to allow them kill this site too?
No. 262 Kontra
mods ban them, thank god. I really hope mods will be alret this night and not allow this to grow. Untill kohl is up again and this retards will fuck off from here, I'd even agree with policy to off EC when there no mods to watch it, because situation is dangerous
No. 263
No. 264
Hello, good sirs. Would you be willing to also clean this shitposter
as a sign of good will and nondiscrimination?
No. 268
Site raiding should be at least a month ban
No. 269
for kohl forver ban. I don't think they will change after a month
No. 274
Bogdán, a notorious romanian KC shitposter just found out about EC. He screeches nonstop about gypsies, no matter the subject. Don't react to him, and make sure to ban him. He is obsessed with Hungary.
He also likes using proxies.
No. 276
What's even the point of this thread
No. 278
Kind of shitposting, I may say.
No. 279
Cabbage toilet must be leaking https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/7222#i10120
No. 280 Kontra
89 kB, 250 × 252, 0:01
My God...

Not only are our mods real, they actually respond within minutes
No. 284
No. 285
No. 286
continue do it. Looks like, by hand, hah.
No. 287
Somebody is spamming dicks.
No. 288
The burger that is bumping random threads should be jettisoned off this imageboard.
No. 291
This, I agree.


Delete this threads also, please, this is basicly shitposting.
No. 292
It was 4chinz tyre and it was on EC
No. 295
No. 297
No. 304
Septic tank overflowing again?
No. 305
Some idiot has been createing shit threads recently
No. 306
No. 307
60 kB, 604 × 403
I do not want to look like yammerer, but thigs that happen inside mine trhread (https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/11088 you probably familiar with it already) is just for some reason attracted two posters - german and most notably american, who constantly saging it with one-liner posts and now making big non-sesical posts with same tier of insults over and over. It first time I on EC see where thread, in which was placed unironic effort go in such constant almost spamming attack. I feel like I'am not on EC, but on kohl. They insult, bait me, constantly want to shift thread in disscution of things it never intended to be, and then when I trying to answer them they blamed me that I touched this themes, even thought I not started it.

I don't want to ban anyone, we have too little community to afford it. But maybe you may warn them or tell to change behaivor? I kinda worried about EC recenly. This and this arguing between russian and ukrainian on most terrible russian pol manner is something you may see on 4cancer and sosach, but clearly isn't something that was before on EC. I fear about we can loose EC slovely and it may degradate to kohl very fast if such thing continues.
No. 308
Rusfriend, makes dealings. People don't like furries and it's obviously a thinly veiled thread to discuss it. Just let it go, pal.
No. 309
>thinly veiled thread to discuss it
>People don't like furries

Same things - repeating of same out of your imagination statement without actual arguments, speaking for everyone what people like and what don't.
I say what people here most probably not like, at least me: constant saging with one liner posts and insults. Can I call someone "pal" after calling me "furshit" for no reason?
If you can't properly answer and you so much hate topic, there always option to hide thread.
No. 310
can a mod delete the lyme thread from the bored burger?

seems pointless and low effort to me.
No. 311
No. 313
Please get rid of the burger.

No. 315
16 kB, 773 × 208
Is this the retarded brother of someone in the moderation team, or have the mods abandoned all hope?
No. 316
Sorry, this message wasn't recognised as spam first.
No. 317
That thread is made by an insane schizophrenic poster from Florida. Back in Krautchan he used to endlessly spam shitty motivational threads and conspiracy theories. Be wary of him mods, that guy is legitimately fucking insane.
No. 318
No. 319 Kontra
Meant this post but whatever same guy https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/12072#i12119
No. 321
193 kB, 1340 × 903
No. 329
Please take a look at whatever the hell this is
No. 337
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/13171 most obvious shitpost thread in human history
No. 341
No. 345
Some japanise did bot-tier spamming
No. 361
I accidently created thread >>13778 when I intended to reply to thread >>13298.
No. 362 Kontra
And now I have incorrectly typed a cross board link. This is the correct one:
No. 364
No. 369
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/13747#i14403 sosach shitposter with anime porn, looks like
No. 380
A visitor from Kohl creating pointless threads
No. 383