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No. 1273
1,2 MB, 3481 × 3481
Should we enforce image-spoilers on NSFW content?
No. 1274
Imo yes
No. 1275
No. Let Ernst decide himself.
No. 1365
Ernst OP is a sissy and don't want nsfw :( pls remove
No. 1367
I would prefer yes because I consider /int/ a 'blue board' to use the old terminology, but I'm not overly worried about it neither.
No. 1376 Kontra
The whole concept of "blue boards" is retarded anyways.

>Hey Ernst, what is that website you are on?
>Oh, it's just Ernstchan, but don't worry, it's "safe for work"
>You are visiting weird websites during your worktime? Aren't those the ones where nazis and pedos always meet? And don't even manage to hide them from me? You're fired, you absolute fucking retard
No. 1405 Kontra
It's neither of those and I want the filth that ruined KC to stay on their cancerous terrorist pedo shithole and not think for even a second they are welcome here