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No. 1543
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File deleted
This does not mean site taken down for 3d but CP posting, such as 2d comics, memes and legal loli content. Example in pic is legal.
No. 1544
Kohlchan has started banning pedos and propedos. They have nowhere else. We can destroy KC by allowing legal content like in op.
No. 1545
I would also like to apply for mod and advise on these issues. Often US companies and activists make illegal threats against chans to take them down.
No. 1546
You can see the site is dead admins. This will revive it.
No. 1547 Kontra
This content is forbidden since the first days of the New EC.
No. 1560
>We can destroy KC by allowing legal content like in op.
Contrary to popular belief most Ernsts don't want to destroy KC. First, without KC, lots of the cancer would come here, and we've already seen how that turns out. Second, all differences aside, it's still good that there are two german imageboards, and it's even better that they have a different approach on how they deal with things, so there's some diversity you can pick your favourite from. No matter how I look at it: The day one of the boards dies won't be a reason to celebrate for the remaining board.
No. 1561
KC is not german. It's zioshit run. They make groups of zioshit harass other users off KC and then ban you for pointing it out.

The op image you deleted is legal fully. You can print it on a billboard in the middle of a city.

Rethink what you are doing.
No. 1562
Simply mindlessly reacting and making declarations about the legal content asyou have done, does not make you smart. It is the lowest form of administration, to do that, unless you are right. Because the image is legal, and propedo posting is good, you are not right. Hence you are bohaving lije the lowest form of administration. This is a very serious situation. There is nowhere to go now.
No. 1563
Last point is:No one is posting on this board, literally. You do not know how to run IBs.

If you don't want to listen, suggest a propedo board instead, or make one.
No. 1564
I didn't delete your file (but I completeley agree with deleting it), and EC is not here to solve your problems. If no board is willing to contain you, the problem might be you, and not every board in existence. Also why not make a board yourself if you know how they should be run?

>get banned on Kohl for being cancer
>taking the cancer to EC
What could go wrong?
No. 1565
> If no board is willing to contain you, the problem might be you, and not every board in existence. Also why not make a board yourself if you know how they should be run?

Did you listen to my other comment? You are being a complete idiot.

If germans were all banned from the internet or YOU were for a position then YOU would disagree with it.

That is not even mentioning collaboration between companies and countries to silence and persecute someone. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

Just because YOU are a sissy does not mean that everyone else should be a sissy.
No. 1566
It is deleted by someone. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT WAS YOU OR NOT.

That said you are deleting content that is legal. You have given no rationale for it.
No. 1568
I stay loyal to the wise leadership of EC and I applaud their efforts in riding this imageboard of pedo shit.
No. 1569
This board is dead. I don't see why they run it.

This board is totally stone dead. There's nothing to protect.
No. 1571 Kontra
I support deplatforming scumbags like OP. They should be kicked off everywhere. Ironically the law actually protects you way more than harms you because if the people got the people's justice we would hunt you down and burn you to death. I hope a gang of rabid lebos tracks you down and beats you to death OP. You are exactly the real reason KC finally went to shit and died forever in 2017 because the mods stopped moderating. No seriously that is the real reason KC was destroyed. Kebabs stopped being removed from premises. It was like the immune system of KC failed and it was instantly overrun by people like OP. Drink bleach you frogposting pedo scumbag. I wish I could feed you to Qtards and pboys but they're probably all closet pedos anyway.
No. 1572
>kebabs removal
Stop ruining the chans, you low iq sperging aussiemutt. This antipedo policy is only recent on IXs. I was around 4chan long before it had rules and it was accepted without controversy.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 1573
>the people got the

Wrong. The majority of people are propedo. That's why they need constant propaganda against it, and the entire state dedicated to giving it attention.

You sound delusional and reek of low IQ.
No. 1657 Kontra
.com (at least /int/) used to be for everyone that got banned on KC. At least that is how it was in 2014.