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No. 1577
52 kB, 387 × 632
Australian kohl immigrant avatarfagging in every thread with anime shit. Can you give xir a warning or something? a lot of thread filled with anime
No. 1581
Posting anime itself is not a crime, despite I know many regular posters dislike it. This especially goes for the today thread, which isn't set on a fixed topic that could be derailed by unrelated anime pictures. For the avatarfagging part: I understand your point, but it seems to me that he's just the only person who constantly posts anime, where in theory it could be more. And it also isn't the same anime character, so it's not really avatarfagging for me. Since I try to intervene as little as possible and give anyone the benefit of the doubt, I wouldn't want to interfere here. I hope you understand.

I am only a lowly Ernstmod though, Ernstadmin might have a different take on this.
No. 1588 Kontra
Harmless poster. Get over your infantile hatred of drawings.
No. 1604

More anime shitters shitting anime everywhere just to piss people off

No. 1647 Kontra
Nobody is out to get you. People aren't bound to like only that which you like. Grow up.