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No. 1655
82 kB, 1200 × 593
300 kB, 1109 × 1478
Hello ErnstTeam. Is there a way I can support EC? Primarily by purchasing merchandise. I wish to buy a laptop sticker of Erna, Ernstwurf, or Radio Ernstiwan logo (probably this one as it is discrete).
No. 1656
Also maybe Phutaba logo.
No. 1667
I could contribute the graphics if you pick the website and format of the images.
(graphics on chest, center, mug, hat, etc)
No. 1676
Sounds like an interesting idea but I never worked thoroughly on this topic. Let's figure out something - any ideas?
No. 1680
318 kB, 1300 × 942
Fun fact: Radio Ernstiwan merc already exists. Though there is no known way to order it.
No. 1681
There are services that offer to sell custom merchandize as a donation mechanism. I could look I to those.
No. 1823
I think a "buy Ernst a coffee" page would be great https://www.buymeacoffee.com/

I'd certainly buy Ernst a coffee :3
No. 1827
Problem here is, I could open such a page. Or anyone, really. How would you know it's the admin/head honcho/site runner?
No. 1828
The admin would have to post it here with the mod flag.
No. 1830
it could be featured somewhere on this site, maybe as one of the tabs above