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No. 168
570 kB, 1600 × 1565
Are we allowed to create genre-specific music threads or do all discussions on music have to be consolidated into the large main general music thread? Let's say I wanted to discuss Industrial, Metal or Punk broadly, all subgenres that've seen decades of evolution and have bequeathed thousands of bands in their respective fields. It would seem counterproductive to bottleneck all musical discussion into a single thread as those who simply want to share links to favorite songs would be displaced by others who want a more elaborate discussion about a specific subject.
No. 170
I found that when i've tried to create genre-specific threads in the past, the topicdiverges anyway. It's because there's so many random genres that everyone will know to different degrees and even different definitions. It'll be particularly difficult to make a thread like this with EC not being as active as it used to.

I would recommend just very broad threads - electronic dance, or ambient, classical instrumental, etc., that way the thread can grow and explore more