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No. 1767
10 kB, 201 × 251
>Please come to our irc when you want to post again
Okay, but where?
No. 1769
Posting on /meta/ is the way to go, also your IP does not seem to be banned. If it is please post again, I'll have a look.
No. 1771
It isn't my IP, I am a tor user. Please make it possible to post anonymously on Ernstchan, I never use IBs with my real IP. I don't want any of the stuff I post associated with my identity and I don't want my ISP to know that I visit EC.
There are a great number of boards that don't ban tor users and I wouldn't say that they generally have more spam, but some qualityposters will ultimately stay away if proxyposting is not allowed.
I am currently also using tor, just need to try it with a couple of exit nodes to eventually find one that isn't blacklisted. A spammer could easily automate this, it is just annoying for real users.
IRC would still be neat by the way. Can I switch to German if this debate should continue or does EC have non-german mods as well?
No. 1772
Only Ernstadmin can decide to allow tor, I'm just a mod. I'd also recommend sticking with English on /meta/, since there are non-german mods.
No. 1774
50 kB, 427 × 419
I couldn't find out where irc was either on my last ban (2019). The ban also extended to /meta/, and I couldn't ask about it here.
Please keep /meta/ open in the future, when issuing a ban, so there is a place to dispute the ban when applicable.
No. 1777
Newer bans are usually board-specific, so /meta/ shouldn't be affected. However, there are older bans for subnets which go across all boards. In case anyone is caught in one of those I suggest trying to contact Ernstadmin via ernstadmin2018 at airmail cc.
No. 1780
Thank you. I think mine was a range ban, but I had to wait about 8 months before I could post here again.
No. 1806
There is no Tor-specific ban, but gateways could have been banned before.