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No. 220
132 kB, 816 × 933
ernst it fucked please fix it. or tell me how to fix.
No. 221
Happens to me once in a while. I fix it by changing the board styles.
No. 222
how to do that?
No. 223
blease resbon
No. 224
If you use Firefox, try View -> Page Style
No. 225
92 kB, 1346 × 312
No. 277
It happens to me too.
No. 289
will try thx.

Happens to me too, and unexpectedly, when I click an image, it gets the dark background. Is black the default EC setting?

No. 294
Default EC setting is Phutaba.
It's hard to say what causes the fail of userstyles. If anyone can find the problem, please write about it.