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No. 283 Pin
27 kB, 324 × 171, 0:02
This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Historical repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba-github
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
No. 290
Can I report technical issues here? function for crossed out text also spoiler it for some reason
No. 293
Please elaborate.
No. 296
Features roadmap
* Komturcodes

Probable features roadmap
* Enable thumbnailing for other formats of e-books
* Enable thumbnailing for links to video clips from Youtube and such

Fixes roadmap
* Implement image spoilering as a parameter in database
* Stop userstyles random disabling
* Fix Wakabamark/BBCode parser, fully separate them
No. 298
32 kB, 834 × 386
Hmm, looks like this error only with dollchan tools installed
No. 331
not phutaba related, but can the /aa/ link be moved to the right please, the new board link order is messing with my muscle memory :-DDDD

I accidentally clicked on /b/ instead of /int/ and got a face full of anime tiddies :-DDDD
No. 338
New html will support give support for native latex.

Before that, how about mathjax or just prepare for native html latex? Would be nice for the math threads.
No. 339
>New html will support give support for native latex.
Is there any link? I can't find any information.
>Before that, how about mathjax or just prepare for native html latex?
LaTeX can be generated on the server side. There is no problem with embedding images in the post body. In fact, it's already done
It just needs some fine tuning.
No. 340
147 kB, 512 × 348
Ah, i actually meant MathML. I am not sure where i read that it was supposed to be a new feature in html6.

Either way, i mean you could do it on serverside but that means more work. Mathjax has both server side and client side stuff like chosing the scaling.

I made a thread on /sci/ on 4chan as a demonstration. 4chan has used mathjax since at least 2012 when flags and catalogs were introduced for the first time.


I mean if you are against using third party tools i guess you can just produce svg's on server using some latex compiler for it.
No. 344
Userstyle problem (when the page loses its style) is caused by style cookie set to null.
Why the cookie gets set to null, is a question.
No. 350
3 kB, 356 × 429
3 kB, 356 × 429
5 kB, 461 × 110
37 kB, 468 × 296
spoilers are broken, the enumeration for which file on the uplading file list to spoiler is in reverse to the displayed file list, so spoilering image B among imagess A B will spoiler A
No. 359
The problem is fixed.
No. 363
No. 367
Can we have “Enable thumbnailing for links to video clips from Youtube and such” feature please?
No. 368
What do you except from this feature?
No. 396
77 kB, 844 × 304
Can you implement this feature where you can see replies to a post?
No. 402
Arent this screenshot woth dollchan?
No. 403
It's dont
No. 412
Pls implement.
No. 424
5 kB, 800 × 600
Can't post with doolchan
No. 425
But it's do
No. 430
On chrome it works
On firefox - no
No. 431
Maybe it's something-Monkey addon problems? I use Firefox and I have no problems with posting.
No. 432
No, I switched to Dollchan-addon to browser that no need any monkey, and it still do same. It also not update thread posts, resulting similar error
No. 434
Script/browser problems then. It must be reported to the script author.
No. 456
From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan so chrome and phone my only options for posting
No. 458
>From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan
Could you post a screenshot or something?
No. 459
It works now nevermind
No. 488
My internet is really slow these days, and any attempt to upload a file larger than a few megabytes results in a timeout.

I don't seem to have this problem on other imageboards. What's the time out window on EC?
No. 489
5 kB, 400 × 400
Ich fand es auch schon auf EC 1.0 störend, dass wenn man innerhalb einer Zeile zitiert es zu einen automatischen Umbruch kommt.
No. 535
Ich wünsche mir einen Button, um die ganzen Berndfäden zu verstecken.
No. 536
Harro, Ernstadmin.

Schön zu sehen, dass Phutaba überlebt hat und weiterentwickelt wird. Du faules Stück könntest jedenfalls mal den Elfenjungen auf das Git-Repo im FAK aktualisieren.

Außerdem Preisfrage: Ist aktuell steigerbar? Aktuellste klingt einfach schräg.

No. 610
Hi Ernstadmin, i just prepared a status page for the radio, it's just a simple text output with a line for the mountpoint (which is kind of the same as the user), the name of the stream, and the 2 stream links (m3u and xspf). I basically have access to all information Icecast provides, bit I think we don't need most of it for a status widget, only name/mountpoint and maybe the stream links should be plenty.I'm not 100% sure how the perl stuff works, since I have no experience with it, but for our purpose I assume it's equal to PHP because it provides server-side preprocessing. So I thought that we could use this data to create a little widget which shows if the radio is online and who is streaming, and maybe even have a direct link to the stream, so there wouldn't be any need to access the radio main page.

The page I prepared can be viewed at http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/whoisonline.xsl - I'm a little limited in how the source looks, because I need the xsl transformation logic with the pre-defined variables Icecast uses to gather the data I need, so I need a well-formed xml output, otherwise stuff breaks - that means it's no plain text output, which I thought would be easiest for you to handle. I don't know if I can change this, it might be possible, but I'd need to work myself deeper into the Icecast templates. Like all other script languages perl surely has some kind of XML library which can access nodes by name. There should be no problem giving elements inside the output custom names so they can easily be parsed from the source text, but I wanted to ask you first what you think is the way to go.

My idea in a nutshell:

  • get URL via perl
  • parse the XML output
  • output either "no stream" (I should be able to provide that, too, but it's not yet implemented) or the provided stream data
  • some kind of exception handling when the radio server is offline or doesn't respond properly. This could be important since we must prevent that an unresponsive radio server delays the loading of the EC main page
No. 611
6 kB, 322 × 41
56 kB, 859 × 226
By the way: This is how the currently generated output looks when a streamer (in this case me) is online. First pic is the browser view, second is the source taken from the browser, so it should be the same a potential perl script should be able to fetch.
No. 613
Does EC throttle connections to fight DDoS attempts?

I've been trying to save some old threads for future reading, but get brickwalled after a few files.
No. 615
Currently working on parsing.
Maybe just the connection is slow and shared among several clients, since Ernstchan provides 100 Mbps bandwidth.
No. 616
117 kB, 1341 × 588
>Currently working on parsing.
Great. I can modify the output further if that helps, for example I could get rid of some of the remaining HTML tags, or I could include different fields (basically everything thats written in yellow in the pic, and additionally the stream links in the top right), or I can add static HTML content like formatting elements or styles/classes. Just tell me if there's anything I can do to make parsing and displaying easier.
No. 634
Just added a plain text "no stream" message to the status page, in case nobody is streaming.
No. 637
Icecast documentation lists JSON among status output formats. Is it possible to use it?
No. 639
Yes it is, seems there even is a standard output file which can be polled from the web: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/status-json.xsl

I can make arbitrary changes to the file if needed. There is a whole lot of information already included in the output, the most relevant in our case probably being server_name and listenurl. This is the output when a stream is on:

{"icestats":{"admin":"ernstiwan@protonmail.ch","host":"radio.ernstchan.xyz","location":"Maulwurfsbau","server_id":"Icecast 2.4.4","server_start":"Sun, 08 Sep 2019 14:25:55 -0400","server_start_iso8601":"2019-09-08T14:25:55-0400","source":{"audio_info":"ice-bitrate=192;ice-channels=2;ice-samplerate=44100","genre":"various","ice-bitrate":192,"ice-channels":2,"ice-samplerate":44100,"listener_peak":1,"listeners":1,"listenurl":"http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/ulle","server_description":"Unspecified description","server_name":"Butthole Surfers","server_type":"audio/mpeg","stream_start":"Wed, 11 Sep 2019 11:56:29 -0400","stream_start_iso8601":"2019-09-11T11:56:29-0400","dummy":null}}}

When no stream is on, the whole source element is missing I think.
No. 640
Can it output links to M3U and XSPF files?
No. 642
Not by default, but I found someone on the internet who did it. I'll try and include his stuff in the regular output.
No. 645
OK, it seems like I cannot just include the additional information in the json output, because the standard page uses a function for gathering the data for the json output which seems to be part of the binary, so I can't just edit it. The other guy on the web was just creating his own json output using the same fields/methods which are used to create the status pages, so I just used his stuff and added the stream url field. Looks a little messy, can you have a look if you can use this? Maybe this still needs some more lipstick.


Current output while stream is on (it should put out a lump of data like this for each stream that is online):


"name":"Butthole Surfers",
"description":"Unspecified description",

No. 646
OK already applied some lipstick, should look less messy now, no line breaks and stuff.
No. 647
What's "ulle"? I guess this name may vary from stream to stream.
No. 649
Yes, that would be the mountpoint. Please try again now, it should look a little better. Current output:

{"stream":{"play":{"M3U":"/stream.m3u","XSPF":"/stream.xspf","URL":""},"name":"Nellaria","description":"mostly house and techno played randomly of a YT list","nowplaying":{"artist":"","title":""}}}

or just {} in case no one's online. I can remove some of the unnecessary things like dexcription or the "now playing" stuff. Not 100% sure if "name" is always set though.
No. 650
Is URL supposed to be a link to online player?
Are two simultaneous streams possible?
No. 651
>Is URL supposed to be a link to online player?
Yes, if it's configured in the stream client.
>Are two simultaneous streams possible?
At the moment: Yes, though we are not sure what is the most suitable setup for the server. If we allow only one stream, someone with bad intentions might block it. If we allow multiple streams, it could be confusing for the users because of the different mountpoints which result in varying direct links. If more than 1 stream lead to layout issues on the frontpage, I suggest ignoring anything after the first stream. I just connected to simulate how the output with 2 active streams would look like:

{"iwan":{"play":{"M3U":"/iwan.m3u","XSPF":"/iwan.xspf","URL":"iwan"},"name":"Iwan","description":"Iwan's Ström","nowplaying":{"artist":"","title":""}},"stream":{"play":{"M3U":"/stream.m3u","XSPF":"/stream.xspf","URL":""},"name":"Nellaria","description":"mostly house and techno played randomly of a YT list","nowplaying":{"artist":"","title":""}}}

That means that the root element is actually the mountpoint which can have different names. I think I could reorganize this if necessary. Not sure if the root element has to be unique though.
No. 652
Actually there are arrays in JSON, I could imagine output like:

"stream": [
"play": {
"description":"Iwan's Ström",
"nowplaying": {
"play": {
"description":"mostly house and techno played randomly of a YT list",
"nowplaying": {
No. 653
>>Is URL supposed to be a link to online player?
>Yes, if it's configured in the stream client.
So it's only up to the host to set the online player up? And it's not Icecast in-built thing?
No. 654
20 kB, 504 × 166
OK, tried to nail that, please check: http://radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000/whoisonline-json.xsl

Yes, it seems so. I was confused at first, since I suddenly saw that inline player appear which hadn't been there in earlier streams. I think Icecast creates this link when the streaming software provides a certain field (like in the screenshot, that is from my mixxx-streaming software), but I'm not 100% sure. We can try this out if you like, I can connect/disconnect with my settings without interfering with the other streams.
No. 655
754 kB, 1902 × 1035
I think you can access the player simply by appending the mountpoint to the radio url.
No need to specify any other field, the player can be accessed through mountpoint address directly.
There's probably a way to embed it, too.
Although I'm not a fan of embedding players directly on pages, due to hindrance to multi tabbing.

I'd be fine with simply an information field and a link to the stream.
No. 667
26 kB, 1051 × 93
Is it ok with you if I include a link to the EC main page on the radio page? Normally I'm reluctant about advertising EC on external pages, but in this case the radio page isn't really external, so I think that would make sense. I was thinking of putting it in the top menu.
No. 668
Absolutely OK. Thanks for the question though.
No. 669
40 kB, 217 × 190
89 kB, 1049 × 534
It's done! Placed it at first spot on the left, looked strange on the right end where I had it initially.
>Thanks for the question though.
No prob. I think everyone can easily imagine why linking to EC could be a bad thing, depending on where the link is located.
No. 829
How do you hide threads?
No. 857
There is a button to the left in the header of a thread, if it is allowed to hide threads in board configuration.
No. 858
The radio stream is not appearing on our front page.
No. 859
Thanks, it has been fixed.
No. 1061
What should I put into the htaccess file when I'm running the script on localhost/xampp? I'm talking about the https redirect lines.
No. 1067
There is .htaccess file in the repo, isn't there?
No. 1244
27 kB, 61 × 40, 0:01
Hi guys, radioadmin here. We had a short radio downtime today, it seems our provider did some kind of migration, it lasted about 10-15 minutes I think. I noticed that page loading on /b/ and /int/ got very slow during that time, while /meta/ still was fast. The reason for that is most likely that EC waits for the radio to respond before fully rendering the page, and since the radio integration isn't present on /meta/, it wasn't affected.

I suggest limiting the time the main page waits for a response of the radio to a shorter duration (if this is possible), 5 seconds should be more than enough. From my experience, the radio server is either fast or offline, I'ne never seen anything in between. And even if that was the case, then delivering the EC page of course takes priority over the radio message.

If there's anything I can help with that issue please let me know.
No. 1317
Hi, don't worry about the "radio not responding"-message. I temporarily changed the port because the current streamer couldn't connect to 8000 from his location. I will revert this after the stream ends.
No. 1329
I remember about this issue. Maybe including the radio status line into some kind of <iframe> could do the job.
No. 1330
9 kB, 419 × 287
I've followed the installation instructions and going to my site successfully redirects it to /board/ but there's no index or anything these. What am I missing?
No. 1331
Bareword "NOW_AT_RADIO" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at lib/stream_info.pl line 18. Compilation failed in require at lib/futaba_style.pl line 5. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at lib/futaba_style.pl line 5. Compilation failed in require at /var/www/html/wakaba.pl line 113. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /var/www/html/wakaba.pl line 116.
No. 1332
Probably some constant is missing I forgot to put into public files.
No. 1338
Sorry, found the issue. The fresh version is now in the repo.
No. 1340
Every thread on /int/ returns "Error: Thread does not exist." when trying to enter it using the reply button.
No. 1567
Answer please. No one uses this site

No. 1653
258 kB, 682 × 596, 0:09
505 kB, 682 × 596, 0:10
Please check out my merge request for a report system, which Ernsts have suggested a few times.
It's still missing integration with the websockets/IRC notification system (I don't know if it's used by EC) but otherwise completely functional.
I hope to contribute more code to Phutaba in the future, it's a good engine.
No. 1669
What would you think of lainchan-style file upload functionality where you can just paste a file url into a text box to use it with your post? I could try implementing it but I won't even look for it if you don't want this feature. I just think it is neat because I don't have to download so many damn images I'm just going to use once anyways.
No. 1672
I don't personally use such a feature (I prefer to open a file selection dialog, and paste the remote file URL, which downloads it to the temp folder) but one thing you should be careful is to not upload the pasted bitmap without compressing it first. Otherwise you end up with these huge PNGs, which vastly exceed the source image's size.
No. 1707
Your homepage is broken;

>Es gab einen Fehler beim Verarbeiten dieser Anfrage.
No. 1751
The Statistics, Rules, FAQ and Guite to posting pages are broken too.
No. 1755
164 kB, 1876 × 265
41 kB, 1004 × 272
Hi Ernstadmin, Radioadmin here. We recently implemented a new functionality that enables streamers to announce future streams. I think it would be possible for me to include the information about the next upcoming stream in the json you are already reading form the radio server. Since it would only be information about one stream I could include it in the general part of the json. Pic 1 shows the output I think would make most sense, potential new elements marked in red.

Could we interest you in putting that information on the front page, maybe beneath the "currently at Radio Ernstiwan"-widget? Pic 2 would be a way to put it so it wouldn't waste space. If there are no announcements I'd still deliver the fields but with either an empty value or some kind of placeholder in case json dislikes emptiness. For the start time I think I could deliver both UTC for /int/ and germtime for /b/ via different fields. If you are OK with this I would start implementing it. Should take maybe half a day on my side since the json is created via Icecast which doesn't know about the custom stuff I coded around it, so I would have to read the json first, then add the fields and write it back to file, ideally without messing up the structure :DD
No. 1759
66 kB, 800 × 416
Radioadmin again: Can we have an own board for radio-related issues, maybe named /radio/? Currently we have the chat, discord and the 2 threads on /b/ and /int/, and we want to ditch the chat but still have a shared space for /b/ and /int/-folks, not only for the weekly stream-discussions but also for general radio issues and future festivals. Also we don't want to take traffic away from EC and also keep regular traffic away from discord. Is that OK with you? Board could be /int/-style, with countryballs.
No. 1760
I think it's possible, but first I should solve the issues with site links, why they don't work and so.
No. 1795
Can we do anything to help with these issues? I'll have vacation soon and could have a look at it. Not sure if I am of any use here, I have only limited experience with Python, but it's worth a try.
No. 1991
Is it possible to make Phutaba show an enlarged image instead of image details on hover like jschan and vichan?