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No. 283 Pin
27 kB, 324 × 171, 0:02
This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
No. 290
Can I report technical issues here? function for crossed out text also spoiler it for some reason
No. 293
Please elaborate.
No. 296
Features roadmap
* Komturcodes

Probable features roadmap
* Enable thumbnailing for other formats of e-books
* Enable thumbnailing for links to video clips from Youtube and such

Fixes roadmap
* Implement image spoilering as a parameter in database
* Stop userstyles random disabling
* Fix Wakabamark/BBCode parser, fully separate them
No. 298
32 kB, 834 × 386
Hmm, looks like this error only with dollchan tools installed
No. 331
not phutaba related, but can the /aa/ link be moved to the right please, the new board link order is messing with my muscle memory :-DDDD

I accidentally clicked on /b/ instead of /int/ and got a face full of anime tiddies :-DDDD
No. 338
New html will support give support for native latex.

Before that, how about mathjax or just prepare for native html latex? Would be nice for the math threads.
No. 339
>New html will support give support for native latex.
Is there any link? I can't find any information.
>Before that, how about mathjax or just prepare for native html latex?
LaTeX can be generated on the server side. There is no problem with embedding images in the post body. In fact, it's already done
It just needs some fine tuning.
No. 340
147 kB, 512 × 348
Ah, i actually meant MathML. I am not sure where i read that it was supposed to be a new feature in html6.

Either way, i mean you could do it on serverside but that means more work. Mathjax has both server side and client side stuff like chosing the scaling.

I made a thread on /sci/ on 4chan as a demonstration. 4chan has used mathjax since at least 2012 when flags and catalogs were introduced for the first time.


I mean if you are against using third party tools i guess you can just produce svg's on server using some latex compiler for it.
No. 344
Userstyle problem (when the page loses its style) is caused by style cookie set to null.
Why the cookie gets set to null, is a question.
No. 350
3 kB, 356 × 429
3 kB, 356 × 429
5 kB, 461 × 110
37 kB, 468 × 296
spoilers are broken, the enumeration for which file on the uplading file list to spoiler is in reverse to the displayed file list, so spoilering image B among imagess A B will spoiler A
No. 359
The problem is fixed.
No. 363
No. 367
Can we have “Enable thumbnailing for links to video clips from Youtube and such” feature please?
No. 368
What do you except from this feature?
No. 396
77 kB, 844 × 304
Can you implement this feature where you can see replies to a post?
No. 402
Arent this screenshot woth dollchan?
No. 403
It's dont
No. 412
Pls implement.
No. 424
5 kB, 800 × 600
Can't post with doolchan
No. 425
But it's do
No. 430
On chrome it works
On firefox - no
No. 431
Maybe it's something-Monkey addon problems? I use Firefox and I have no problems with posting.
No. 432
No, I switched to Dollchan-addon to browser that no need any monkey, and it still do same. It also not update thread posts, resulting similar error
No. 434
Script/browser problems then. It must be reported to the script author.
No. 456
From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan so chrome and phone my only options for posting
No. 458
>From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan
Could you post a screenshot or something?
No. 459
It works now nevermind
No. 488
My internet is really slow these days, and any attempt to upload a file larger than a few megabytes results in a timeout.

I don't seem to have this problem on other imageboards. What's the time out window on EC?
No. 489
5 kB, 400 × 400
Ich fand es auch schon auf EC 1.0 störend, dass wenn man innerhalb einer Zeile zitiert es zu einen automatischen Umbruch kommt.
No. 535
Ich wünsche mir einen Button, um die ganzen Berndfäden zu verstecken.
No. 536
Harro, Ernstadmin.

Schön zu sehen, dass Phutaba überlebt hat und weiterentwickelt wird. Du faules Stück könntest jedenfalls mal den Elfenjungen auf das Git-Repo im FAK aktualisieren.

Außerdem Preisfrage: Ist aktuell steigerbar? Aktuellste klingt einfach schräg.