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No. 332
49 kB, 482 × 650
85 kB, 1186 × 608
For some reason, in Firefox now Ernstchan fucks up the format every time I come here. It displays normally for a few seconds before turning into pic related shit. Sometimes when I scroll to the bottom of the page, it will revert to normal formatting, but with a black-and-gray color scheme.

I've tried everything I can think of on my end. Does anyone know what could be going on?
No. 333
Userstyle code has been slightly changed, please report if you still encounter problems.
No. 387
77 kB, 268 × 293
I get that problem from time to time myself. Emptying cache and reloading solves it.

But I have another problem I wanted to report. I tried to upload a bit of a longer text with a couple of formatting in it, putting some of it in italics using the usual. It didn't work. Since I had also a picture attached with the post, I thought at first that might be the problem, but it wasn't. Using a different one and even posting without any gave me the same error back. When I posted without the formatting it went through like a charm. But the text got less readable this way. Or different to what I intended. So there seems to be a problem with multiple formattenings within one text. At least on firefox and for me.

Not sure
No. 389
Wakabamark is disabled. You may create the test thread in /meta/ to check whether the posting works.
Please attach the image of the text which gives posting error. By the way, what kind of error?
No. 391 Kontra
68 kB, 468 × 597
30 kB, 500 × 375
>What kind of error
I think it was "Couldn't handle the request" but I am not sure.
Image went through perfectly. I doubt that was the problem.
Second was for test.