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No. 336
304 kB, 0:21

Fuck you, seriously.
Remove the systemkontra, what is wrong with you, you kc-mods?
No. 360 Kontra
Just to explain why I originally systemkontra'd the thread: it was copy-pasted without any own information and not even marked as a qoute by Osho through anything else then the image (it could have as well been a text written by OP, based on thoughts of Osho, so I had to research if it is or isn't a quote). But as serious discussion developed in the thread, another mod removed it from systemkontra. Next time maybe just mark the thread as a quote more obviously to avoid any misunderstandings.
No. 365 Kontra
It was part of my style to not cite the quote. I thought for some seconds about it, but that would have killed the momentum I guess. I imagined we are all sitting just one click from google away.

Thanks a lot for the explanation.