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No. 371
87 kB, 1280 × 720
Friendly reminder as to why don't have "mercy" on bogdan, even if he puts in his puppy eyes.
No. 373
No. 374 Kontra

(User was banned for this post)

No. 375
No. 384 Kontra

unrelated to this post or this particular banned user, but you gents are doing a great job. thank you for being so attentive.

that is all.
carry on.
No. 390
It seems that bogdan is back at it again
No. 393
Hi, Igor has found his way to Ernst. Please act.

No. 397
No. 398
No. 399
Why do they even bother doing this? More cabbageshit
No. 433
more kohlkrebs posting, please cleanse it with a purging flame
No. 539 Kontra
Shut up gypsy.