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No. 38
10 kB, 600 × 800
How about implementing a report button?
I don't want to lose nerves and ruin quality threads by answering to obnoxius shitposters, so maybe a report button would be an elegant way to inform mods about intruding trolls or illegal content.
No. 40
Before the death of Ernstchan.com, the Report button was being developed, but it was not finished.
Button will be developed, but don't except it appear soon. We don't have original developers of Phutaba, so we still have to learn all the features of the software.
Anyway, speed of posting is not very big, we can deal with shitposters quick enough now. If you really feel that you should report, you can report in the Report thread.
No. 60
There used to be a report button, but it was removed due to heavy misuse. There were so many reports that mods couldn't keep up. IIRC even from totally different IP ranges, so filtering couldn't work.

t. asked about that shortly before EC got shut down
No. 65
No. 76
No. 80
Remove cabbage from premises pls
No. 81
No. 82
No. 83
Could you please lock https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/2853 since we already have https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/1311 which is much more civilized and informative.
No. 86
No. 99

OP is just a videoblog link with no commentary.
No. 100

Maybe hand out a ban this time instead of just locking it.
No. 116
Remove cabbage from premises
No. 117
That weird bot is back
I am actually slightly more intrigued than annoyed as to what the possible purpose of this thing is. It's clearly the same as the Obama's daughter bot. Now it is rambling about soap burning us. What the hell is the point of this?