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No. 410
184 kB, 415 × 406
Since when is repeated harassment like this allowed?


Post in thread, get harassed and called schizo. Make my own thread about the cure to schizo, get harassed and called schizo because apparently that condition doesn't exist but I'm schizo for believing it in. I grow weary of this shit. I'm sorry you don't get laid but it's not OP's fault.

Please ban posts that start with "OP is a schizo blah blah blah"
No. 435
While I agree that "OP is a schizo blah blah blah" is cabbage tier shitposting, you yourself have a habit of borderline shitposting. It doesn't bother me personally but I guess it irritates other people. Just try to actually source the claims you keep making. And no, naturalnews is not a valid source.