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No. 595 Systemkontra
256 kB, 787 × 519
So because the old one won't bump

Why does that finn never gets banned? He calls the hungarian a gypsy on a frequent basis and that is pretty much everything he does here. Currently in the cinema and tv thread, just kick this mf already for board pollution.
No. 598
Have you banned him? Deleting is not enough.
No. 599
Lol I came here just to post that
I hereby propose that the grandmasters of ernstchan banish this hideous creature to the netherrealms
No. 600
No. 602
No. 603
I just came here about this
Obviously same retarded cunt as usual
No. 604
No. 605
No. 606
No. 607
Literally pedophiles from k*hl
No. 608

this proxy kid is trying to bring in low brain kc tier vibes every then and now
No. 609
Why the hell is this thread not deleted yet? In addition to spamming his site it's literally a site for pedophiles. Please delete. Thnx.
No. 614
came here just for this
Seriously off yourself. You've actually managed to be the worst k*hl shitposter who's polluted the board with a couple of posts
No. 656
9 kB, 220 × 200
Can s.o. please ban the annoying guy, who is accusing everybody who has a different opinion than him of being a

>"proxy kid trying to bring in low brain kc tier vibes every then and now"

and demands bans for quality Ernsts?


Crying for mum to ban user s.o. doesn't like is disgusting and should be one of the rare offenses, which really lead to a ban.
No. 657
Not a shitpost, but I goofed and doubleposted. Can't seem to delete it because of "wrong password" even though I did nothing to change it.

Posts to delete:
No. 658
Half this thread should be kicked
No. 659
Can we ban like all kohlchanners? They are pretty obvious I presume. Thanks.
No. 661
No. 662
No. 670
/int/ is being raided right now
No. 671
It's not even being raided it's just a few k*hl pedophiles who got lost and need big red letters above their name to help find their way again.

Please clean up the place with said big raid letters and or deletions mods thanks.
No. 676 Kontra
Can you finally just ban this guy, please?
No. 677
Thanks for cleaning up all of the above on /int/, but I found one more:

No. 678
May kohlchan threads be deleted? Thank you.
No. 679
Ready your banhammers
especially the fucking pedophiles. And report their IPs too while you're at it if they start shit.
No. 680
No. 681
No. 682
No. 684
153 kB, 393 × 384
There are now six threads in a row I have hidden. Can mods just ban them please? Almost none of those people have the capability nor the inclination to engage in discussions of any nature, let alone serious ones they're only here to shit up and ruin the board and EC is an actually nice place that's been maturing for years now. Don't let it go to waste. Just politelyor rudely who gives a fuck give these retards the boot and inform them that EC is not their cabbageshit refugee board. Thanks.
No. 685
Can we have a Thread about "Drachenlord" on /b/? Or at least try one out?
No. 686
We don't have ernstchan.com because of these people. They should all be kicked out. Why is this thread still here and why are they not banned yet?
No. 688
Another vote for permabanning kohl retards
No. 692
Shitposting thread
We should ban them all or they conquer our board and turn it into shithole
No. 693
Mods can you please ban the retards from cabbagechan. It's been like one day and they're already making the whole board unusable.
No. 694
It should also be pointed out they're already trying to import they're disgusting repulsive pedophile culture here. There is not one single reason for allowing them to stay.
No. 698
Kaum kommen die Berndfuckgees, tauchen wieder die üblichen "Koti"-Schizopfosten auf.
Bitte alle.jpg pannieren, die tragen absolut nichts produktives zum Kanal bei.
No. 699
Bitte erbarmungslos bannnieren, wir sind keine Gesellschaft und kein Zuhause für Iditoten. /b/ werde ich meiden, gestern Abend war ein Scheißefest sonderngleichen, Politikdreck überall.

And ban that one news link/thread on /int/, we have a general, the baord feels already quite cluttered with useless threads that get a few replies. We don't need more frequency if that is how it looks, we don't need to be a KC clone, we have our own rules and habits, that is our feature, there is no need in comfortung Bernd after he lost is pedo and politico ridden shit board, worst thing that can happen is that people think they can turn this board into their new KC, we are EC not KC.
No. 700
Whole board in kohlcancer what the fuck! Modders, please, ban them all or they stay, they already owning EC
No. 701
Is there any explanation to why these creatures are not being banned? EC is currently unusable
No. 702
Hello? Any mods here?
Where did you guys go? /int/ is being shit up by Kohl retards
No. 704
He most probably now sleep or on work. We need to wait couple of hours, I think.
No. 705 Kontra
kohlchannigger raid against EC set at 18:00

No. 707
Maybe, delete this two? They are obvious one-liner threads for shitposting purposes
No. 708
No. 709
lol just permaban them and their IPs they'll get bored and give up after like a couple hours
And they have the nerve to wonder why we hate them
No. 710
No. 711
No. 712
No. 714
No. 715
No. 716
There's a new flood of spam on /int/.
No. 717

Do we even have a mod team or is it just the admin who has to clean up all of this shit 24/7?
No. 718
It is great idea just add certain words into "spam list"
No. 719
Someone came up with the idea of autobans and I for one support this. Cuck and kek should get you an automatic ban for at least a week. I disagree with the 5 minute rule. Typing a google captcha takes that long and clearly it's done nothing to make 4kanker less retarded and full of ill thought out shit and shitposts. It has to be at least a day long ban at the absolute minimum. Kike and nigger too. There's a one to one ratio of moronic shitposters with nothing valuable to say and their need to use that in a post. Those four words combined should get you an autoban. Actually come to think of it if you use all four of those words in a single post it should result in a permaban.
No. 720

I request autobans for usage of "moronic shitposters".
I also request a normal ban for you.
No. 721
Can you get rid of this please?
No. 722
Sosach tier political shitposting
No. 723
No. 724
No. 725
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/27131#i30380 - looks like KCancer shitposter
No. 726
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/30163#i30390 - I think this is the same shiposter under russian flag. Better just remove whole this thread, it's meta thread from KC.
No. 728
276 kB, 408 × 540

Bitte pannieren, ist ein fürchterlicher KC-Scheißepfostierer.
No. 729
37 kB, 474 × 641

looks like a KCancer shitposter, who is blaming Ernsts to be KCancer shitposters. Please ban him.
No. 730 Kontra
Junge, echt jetzt. Sonntagabend und alleine zuhause - Stephanversion.
No. 731
411 kB, 597 × 586
5 kB, 300 × 300

Weiterer K(C)rebspfosten. Bitte sofort, sofort, sofort, sofort löschen und pannieren. Auf dem Brett darf nur stehen, was mir gefällt. Ich komme übrigens aus Ungarn. :3
Ich habe von Bilderbrettern keine Ahnung und sehe Ernstchan als meine eigenen, persönlichen, mir gehörenden Blog an.
No. 732
58 kB, 451 × 415
18 kB, 939 × 191
how's moderation here works?

apparently telling someone to 'kys' isn't shitposting, but replying to this post with 'fuck off, cuck' is shitposting, eh?

also, funny how you delete posts of banned posters, cleaning up traces as if you didn't ban anyone

real smooth, guys, real smooth
No. 733 Kontra
32 kB, 600 × 443
>Bernd äh Ernst natürlich, wir haben uns hier was aufgebaut aber trotzdem bin ich noch nicht mit den Geflogenheiten vertraut. ...Wie? Ja... wie das alles zusammenpasst und wie ich mir dabei selbst widerspreche, weiß ich selber nicht. Bitte akzeptiert doch mein unmögliches Verhalten, denn ich finde man muss einfach alles tolerieren, so sind Bretter nun mal, und wer was anderes sagt und meint, meine Meinung zu Bildbrettern sei auch anzweifelbar, der hat Unrecht. Denn Bilderbretter sind keine Gemeinschaften, die Regeln aufstellen und nach diesen funktionieren. Stattdessen sind Bilderbretter einfach digitale Räume, die immer so funktionieren wie ich meine, weil ich bin Experte auf dem Gebiet.
No. 734
you ok, schizo?
No. 735
125 kB, 920 × 540
Verpiss dich endlich, K(c)rebs.

>you ok, schizo?

no, she isn't. She is an annoying KC-schizo, shitting up the board. Disgusting, but tolerable, if it would be not precisely her, who constantly demands bans for Quality-Ernst, -Bernst and -Bernd-refugees and blackens them as the very first person.
No. 736
Würdest du bitte aufhören, deine peinlichen Doppelpfosten zu machen? Du bist nicht die hellste Leuchte, wenn du glaubst, man würde deinen Stil nicht erkennen.
No. 737
3,7 MB, 347 × 244, 0:05
>alle sind gegen mich
>ist bestimmt nur einziger ein Bernst, der "doppeltpfostiert"

Komm Weib, mach dich nicht weiter lächerlich und verpiss dich einfach von hier.

>Du bist nicht die hellste Leuchte, wenn du glaubst, man würde deinen Stil nicht erkennen.

Tja, waren eben nun mal verschiedene Personen. Was sagt das wohl über deine ohnehin kümmerliche Intelligenz?
No. 738
Proxyfag still trying to derail threads
No. 739
Cuck is a /pol/ meme, kys isn't. All clear now?
No. 740
'kys' is a 4chan meme
No. 741
I keep coming across impossible captchas and can't reset them
No. 742
No. 744
38 kB, 500 × 500

Sofort pannieren. Mir persönlich passt einfach nicht, was er schreibt. Das ist doch ein ausgezeichneter Pannierungsgrund.
Und ich war ja der erste, der "Haltet den Dieb" schrie, die anderen als KCrebs bezeichnete und Pannierungen forderte. Also habe ich Recht. Und >>/b/9412 muss sofort paniert werden. Husch husch.
No. 745 Kontra
Magyarernst doesn’t decide who gets banned. Where did you even get the idea from?
No. 746 Kontra
82 kB, 1024 × 576
11 kB, 230 × 229
Deine Komplexe, Junge... gib doch einfach Ruhe, es gibt tausend andere Ecken, wo du einfach deine Geistgülle ablassen kannst. Dir gehört EC nicht und wenn deine Meinung hier nicht auf Resonanz trifft, dann ist das doch so, oder nicht? Ich muss immer an das Public cringe Video mit der besoffenen Frau irgendwo in den USA denken, wenn ich deine verzweifelten Bannmahnpfosten lese. Die Alte in dem Video lässt auch einfach zwei Typen, die normal am Tisch sitzen einfach nicht in Ruhe mit ihrem schizoiden Gelaber, während ihr beiden in einem fort sagen, sie soll sich verpissen, weil niemand ihre Scheiße hören will.
No. 747
Can you delete this please?
No. 748
Verpiss dich doch Ziggy.
No. 749
262 kB, 1600 × 1003
>Denkt seine Meinung träfe auf Resonanz, dabei mag ihn hier keiner, obwohl er erst seit kurzem hier ist.
>Sagt mir, dass ich woanders hin gehen soll. Dabei ist er der von allen verachtete Depp, dem jeder den Abschied wünscht.

Psyschoprobleme viel?
No. 750
>Verpiss dich doch Ziggy.

Neu angekommender Qualitätspfoster mit großen psychischen Problemen..
No. 751
Main page again full of pointless and political threads.
No. 752
Most concreticly
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/30550 - Idiotic one line political thread
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/30539 - pointless one liner thread
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/30557 - some ads for another kohl board
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/30552 - another attempt and making syria threads.
No. 754 Kontra
Du bist wirklich wie die Frau im Video...
No. 756
This. Thread about "Russia" already full of offensive kohlspeak with "*" instead of letters in countryname, and thread overall quite degenerate
No. 757
No. 758
No. 759

K(c)krebsiges Namecalling, bitte in Panade und dann frittieren. Leider wird er nicht den Bann abwarten, sondern per neuer IP eine angebliche Berndarmee vorgaukeln.

t. kitzo
No. 760
No. 761
77 kB, 444 × 460
No. 762
No. 763
Perfect example of someone we don't want here ruining our board like many other
I mean are you fucking serious dude piss off
No. 765
No. 766
Unnecessary bump of a really old thread
No. 767
No. 768
No. 770
No. 771
No. 772
No. 773
No. 776
No. 777
No. 778
No. 779 Kontra
Go be a cancerous faggot somewhere else
No. 780
No. 781
No. 782
No. 783
No. 784
No. 785
No. 786
No. 787
No. 788
No. 789
Another cancer invasion. Probably be better to close board for day or two just in case
No. 790
Finn shitposting whole int
No. 793
or at least rangeban Finland