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No. 774
2 kB, 95 × 20
Captcha really isn't solvable.
At least could you add possibility to generate another image?
No. 775
It is as that most of the time. Tired trying 10 times to decrypt captcha before I can send a post again, taking into account that I need time to add pictures back.
No. 819 Kontra
That's not a problem. Those of us who post here probably habitually save our posts anyway. The kind of person who would thoughtlessly shitpost and open up 5 garbage threads in a row is also exactly the kind of person to get too frustrated and lazy to even bother trying to solve multiple captchas. Any layer that prevents them from thoughtlessly making a stream of shitposts is good. Then they can fuck off to some other place as they get lazy and distracted to impulsively refresh the page over and over.
No. 1307
1 kB, 101 × 39
Seconded. This is unsolvable. There are 2-3 completely ambiguous letters here, along with 1-2 that should be fine, but which I have seen parsed as completely different letters in other captchas (that I actually managed to brute force after much frustration).

I can't post because of this. It has damaged my experience more than any autistic kakasex spammer.
No. 1314
469 kB, 1489 × 1469
yeah it's very sad

I want to post here I like it

I have my Quality Militia control badge from 2011 and I don't like to have to post captchas, it's sad