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No. 948
215 kB, 314 × 318
I'm in the process of editing together my "diaries" from the EC posts that I've made in the today threads, but I seem to have missed a thread.
I know that EC actually has 50 pages worth of threads, and I wanted to ask the mods if they could lend me a copy of the today thread that was created in the late October of 2018 (probably) if the thread is still up in the remaining non-public storage.
(I don't need the images or other files, just the post dates, numbers and the texts, so even a plaintext file is okay.)
No. 1658
Let me look, I saved a bunch of threads using archive.is./archive.fo (notably threads I enjoyed).

t. Just a regular Ernst
No. 1735
Is it this thread?

I obsessively archived all the threads I enjoyed or posted on two years ago. However, I have not done this since then, as I visit and post on EC far less often now (mostly due to news and politics spreading everywhere, as well as Schizenu). It is interesting to look at those posts and recollect what my thoughts and feelings were at that time. It was by far the darkest time in my life; it was the time when I felt the most lonely and isolated I've ever been (although you wouldn't be able to tell from my posts). I sincerely wanted to kill myself then. Nearly everyday I would walk to the middle of a bridge on the path back home from University, lean against the railing, and think about jumping off. I dropped out of that University by the way. I transferred to a different one in the states to "start over" so to speak. You are starting your second year of University by now, correct? I feel a great amount of shame at this, as I should have finished University and been in the workplace for at least a year by now. Now you are not too far off from me in terms of finishing your studies. You have a good head on your shoulders, much better than I ever was (even now you are probably better than I and more mature in this regard).